April 15, 2018

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March 2018 ~ 3/30/2018 – Vol 1 Issue 3

With recent victories behind us, this month we are focusing on what’s next. We will show the recent success where not flukes or a couple one-offs but a sustained change and energy. This year, we have the gubernatorial election and a race to fill John Mahers’ state house seat. We are going to focus on growing the committee and having people and infrastructure ready to the upcoming challenges in 2019 and the big one in 2020.

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February 2018 ~ 2/28/2018 Vol 1 Issue 2

This month we feature the voter outreach Upper St. Clair Democrats have done during the Special Election.

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January 2018 ~ 1/31/2018; Vol. 1 No. 1

This month we are looking back from some of the major successes from 2017 and looking forward to how the committee can continue to find success in 2018.

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