Wards and Districts

Upper St. Clair is divided into 5 Wards and those Wards are further divided into 18 Districts. The boundaries the wards and districts were established through the Township Charter. The Township has a map of the Wards and Districts.

How to find what Ward and District you resident

The easiest way to find your Ward and District is on the Pennsylvania Department of State Voter Registration Lookup. There you can enter your name or driver’s license number and find the Ward and District along with your voter status and polling place.

  • Go to https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/pages/voterregistrationstatus.aspx
  • Choose to lookup yourself up by Name or Driver’s License number
  • Complete the form and click the Search button
  • Your voter registration status will be displayed
  • Next to the “Polling Place Address for” you will see your Ward and District
  • After “UP ST CLAIR” the Ward number is listed first, and then the District. In this example, the Ward is 2 and the District is 1, which is referred to as Ward 2-1.