Dear Committee Member,

Your work on the committee is so very important and places you in a leadership role in our communities. What you and other committee members do on a regular basis by donating your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Our campaign process ensures candidates must first undergo your scrutiny before earning an endorsement.

As a former committee member in Shaler, where my wife, Maureen of 34 years, still serves as secretary we know the value of the endorsement process. So now as a judicial candidate for the Court of Common Pleas, I want to earn your trust, your support and eventually your endorsement.

I cannot succeed without your help. Like many of you, I am a lifelong resident of Allegheny County with a humble beginning in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Morningside. My mom, Sheila and my dad, Dan Sr. raised eight children, four boys and four girls, of which I am the oldest. Being the oldest instilled a sense of protectiveness for my younger siblings and I now want to extend that sense to all residents of Allegheny County.

I currently have the honor and privilege of serving the citizens of Shaler, Etna, Millvale and Reserve as their Magisterial District Judge for the past three years. Prior to becoming a judge, I served as a Deputy District Attorney for 23 years and then seven years as a criminal defense attorney. This unique tri-level background provides me with the experience to know what works and what doesn’t work in our court system.

Our citizens should demand that a judge possess experience, integrity and compass1. Many believe I possess those qualities. I humbly request your help in my campaign to further serve our community as a Court ofCommon Pleas judge. Thank you for your time.

Take care and be safe,

Dan K

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