Pennsylvania will be center stage in the 2022 battle for the U.S. Senate, when voters will decide who will succeed Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

Having announced his retirement, Toomey is one of 34 senators across the country whose seat will be contested in 2022.  His seat, however, is one of only two seats considered by many as a “toss up,” the other being in North Carolina where Republican Senator Richard Burr is also retiring.  As such, with the U.S. Senate currently split equally between Democrats and Republicans, the chance to elect a Democrat to fill Toomey’s seat presents a golden opportunity for the Democratic Party, and the outcome will be a critical factor in President Biden being able to advance his political policies and agenda.

In order to be prepared for what will undoubtedly be a long and highly-contested senatorial campaign, the USC Democratic Committee has announced a $10,000 fundraising goal to make certain that the committee has the needed resources to present its case to township residents via letters, flyers, and other means of information dissemination.  The money raised will go toward the printing and mailing of campaign literature to help galvanize support for Pennsylvania’s Democratic senatorial candidate.

“We’ve had excellent results in the past with volunteers personally printing and dropping off literature to residents’ homes and/or personally paying for the printing and mailing of such literature,” said Upper St. Clair Committee Chair Mary McIntyre. “We are hoping that with this fundraising campaign we can recruit more volunteers and donors to help us expand our informational efforts going forward.  If every Democrat in USC would simply donate $10, we could guarantee that we would have enough money to do our part in electing a Democrat to replace Senator Toomey in 2022.”

Please help us meet our fundraising goals and make plans to attend our September 12th picnic fundraiser at South Park.

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