Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee

Open Letter to Upper St. Clair Democrats

Dear USC neighbors and fellow Democrats:

Last November, we came close to electing two Democratic commissioners in Upper St. Clair.  Tyler Gellasch received just 65 fewer votes than his opponent in Ward 3 and Andrew Zahalsky was also in a close race for Commissioner at Large.  Despite these defeats, we did help elect a Democratic Allegheny County Councilman, Tom Duerr, in District 5 along with the reelection of Allegheny County Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald and others.

While a narrow defeat is encouraging in Upper St. Clair for Democrats who are outnumbered by Republicans by more than 2,000 voters, we obviously need to do more to get our candidates elected.  But it clearly can be done, as evidenced by the 2018 election of Democrat Elise Logan as an Upper St. Clair commissioner.

To be more successful, however, we need your help and at no time will this be more important than in November when we MUST get Donald Trump out of office.  He is destroying our democracy, our environment and is a threat to world peace.  Defeating him should be every Democrat’s number one political priority.

There are many ways to help us in this effort, but AT THE VERY LEAST, WE NEED YOU TO VOTE, and this year it should be easier than ever.  Starting with the upcoming Primary, you will be able to vote by mail.  All you need to do is send in the enclosed application to the Allegheny County Elections Division, 542 Forbes Avenue, Suite 609, Pittsburgh, PA, 15219-2913 so that it is received by May 26.  You can also apply for a mail in ballot online at

If you have not been politically active in the past, that’s ok.  We just ask that you try to get involved from this day going forward.  If you need information on when or where to vote, just email one of us at either or  You can also get involved by attending an Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee meeting.  Although we are not meeting at this time due to the Coronavirus pandemic, for information about future meetings, please visit our website,

As long-time Upper St. Clair residents and as chair and vice chair of the USC Democratic Committee, we will continue to do all that we can to promote Democratic candidates.  Your support and involvement, however, would be much appreciated and could go a long way in removing Donald Trump from office and electing Democrats who share our common values.

Thank you very much.


Mary McIntyre and Jason Fincke
Chair and Vice Chair

Key dates:

  • The primary election date is now June 2, 2020.
  • Mail in ballot application deadline: 5pm May 26, 2020
    at the county election office.
  • You can request a mail in ballot online through 
  • The deadline to turn in your mail ballot is 8pm
    on Election Day, June 2, 2020, in person or
    by mail to the county election office.
  • Voter registration deadline is May 18th.