Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee


Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee

The Upper St. Clair (USC) Democratic Committee supports local, state, and national Democrats based on our core principles.  With your help we can advance issues like job creation, education, health care, and clean energy.

We believe that by working together we can provide equality to all Americans.


Our Mission

The USC Democratic Committee exists to provide a formal voice for the Democrats in our community.  Our mission is to grow the Democratic Party in USC and recruit Democratic candidates for local, state, and federal offices. 


Our Goals

1. Recruit and support Democratic candidates for Township Commissioner for Wards 1, 3, 5, and Commissioner At-Large.

2. Recruit and support Democratic candidates for the Upper St. Clair School Board

3. Improve/increase community engagement and promote belonging, equity, and inclusion.


Committee Membership

Upper St. Clair is divided into 5 Wards and those Wards are further divided into 18 Districts (how to find your district). Each district is represented by two committee members of different genders. The committee members are elected by registered Democrats in their district for a four year term during a primary election. The committee members elect three officers, a Chair and Vice-Chair of different genders, and a Secretary. In the event of a vacancy the Chair can appoint an a Democrat from the district to serve the remainder of the term.


Committee Officers

  • Chair – Alliyson Feldman
  • Vice Chair – Andrew Zahalsky
  • Secretary – Kelly Guarino
  • Treasurer – Rebecca Wilson

Committee Members

District Name Gender
1-1 Laura Hartquist Female
1-1 Tom Garvey Male
1-2 Lauren O’Brien Female
1-2 Colin O’Brien Male
1-3 Nic DeWalt Female
1-3 Jon Rossman Male
1-4 Alexandra Rizzo  Female
1-4 (vacant) Male
2-1 (vacant) Female
2-1 John J. Laukaitis Male
2-2 Miranda Thomas Female
2-2 Ian Thomas Male
2-3 Elizabeth Cochran Female
2-3 (vacant) Male
2-4 (vacant) Female
2-4 Peter Schnore Male
3-1 Kristin Fiori Female
3-1 (vacant) Male
3-2 (vacant) Female
3-2 (vacant) Male
3-3 Sara Strojwas Female
3-3 Vivek Devaraj Male
4-1 Deborah P. Allen Female
4-1 Bryan Rosenberger Male
4-2 Jill King Female
4-2 Paul  Stoklasa Male
4-3 Maria LaCava Miller Female
4-3 (vacant) Male
4-4 (vacant) Female
4-4 Alexander Cashman Male
5-1 Kelly Guarino Female
5-1 Sam Guarino Male
5-2 Stephanie Harris Female
5-2 Mateusz Kruk Male
5-3 (vacant) Female
5-3 (vacant) Male