The 37th Senate District

The 37th Senatorial District covers much of western Allegheny County and extends into Washington County to include Peters Township. Republican Guy Reschenthaler has held the seat since he won the Special Election in 2015.

Townships and boroughs in the district

  • Aleppo Township
  • Bell Acres
  • Ben Avon Heights
  • Bethel Park
  • Bridgeville
  • Collier Township
  • Crescent Township
  • Edgeworth
  • Emsworth
  • Findlay Township
  • Glen Osborne
  • Glenfield
  • Haysville
  • Jefferson Hills
  • Kilbuck Township
  • Leet Township
  • Leetsdale
  • McDonald (Allegheny County Portion)
  • Moon Township
  • Mt. Lebanon
  • North Fayette Township
  • Oakdale
  • Ohio Township
  • Pennsbury Village
  • Peters Township
  • Pleasant Hills
  • Robinson Township
  • Rosslyn Farms
  • Sewickley
  • Sewickley Heights
  • Sewickley Hills
  • South Fayette Township
  • South Park Township
  • Thornburg
  • Upper St. Clair Township
  • Whitehall




Peters Results

Peters Iframe










2018 Election Information

When are the polls open?

The polls open at 7:00am and close at 8:00pm. (If you are in line at 8:00pm, you can still vote, so stay in line.)

Where do I vote?

Find your polling place:

Registered voters who vote at the McLaughlin Run Activity Center (the MAC, aka old rec. center) will vote at the Municipal Building, Training Room (1820 McLaughlin Run Road, rear of building, near Library entrance) for the Nov. 6, 2018 election. The venue change is due to the ongoing renovation of the MAC. This change affects Ward 3, District 1 and Ward 3, District 3.

Who will be on my ballot?

The new Pennsylvania Congressional District Map will be in effect for the November election.

See a roundup of information about the new district maps


U.S. Senate – Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Governor

U.S. House of Representatives – Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District

Pennsylvania House of Representatives – District 40

Have problems

If you have questions or encounter election day problems, you can call the Pennsylvania Department of State hotline at 877-868-3772.

You can also seek help from the non-partisan civil rights defense Election Protection group at 877-868-3772.

How can I see the results?

You can follow the Allegheny County and Washington County Results on the county websites.

Election Night Celebration

The Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee has partnered with the Bethel Park and Peters Township Committees to hold an election night celebration.

Please join us to celebrate candidates and follow the results at 8:30pm at Al’s Cafe.

Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court released the Remedial United States Congressional District maps resulting from the gerrymandering suit brought by several groups, including Fair Districts PA. These maps only impact the United States House of Representative seats, and they do not influence the Pennsylvania House or Senate races. The new maps will be in effect for the 2018 Election.

Upper St. Clair is still part of the very different 18th Congressional District. The 18th includes much of downtown Pittsburgh, south east Allegheny county, and Upper St. Clair. Mt Lebanon is not part of our district, as it is now part of the 14th. Starting January 2019, our U.S. House Representative will be Mike Doyle if he wins his unopposed General Election this November. Congressman Doyle will appear on the ballot in November. If you are not familiar with Mr. Doyle, please take some time to check out his website.

After his Special Election victory, Conor Lamb will represent Upper St. Clair for the reminder of 2018. Congressman Lamb is running in the redrawn 17th District which includes his home in Mt. Lebanon.

Welcome Message from Congressman Mike Doyle

Hi, I’m Congressman Mike Doyle and I will be running in the upcoming May Primary to represent you next year in the new 18th Congressional District.  Our new District includes communities in the South Hills, the Mon-Valley, the Eastern Suburbs and the City of Pittsburgh.

By way of introduction, I have lived in this district all of my life, I ran a small business here, and my wife and I raised our children here. I care very deeply about the Pittsburgh region and the people who live here.  In Congress, I have worked to promote policies that provide all Americans with a decent education, affordable health care, a dignified retirement, a clean environment, an improved standard of living and real opportunities for people to achieve their personal and career goals.

For the remainder of this year, you will be capably represented by Conor Lamb, who I was proud to support. I look forward to meeting and representing the people of Upper St. Clair in the next session of Congress.

Brave New World

The PA’s Supreme Court’s Recent Decision on Redistricting & Effects on the (New) 18th District

David Misra

In the past year, I’ve been honored to travel the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on behalf of Fair Districts PA ( to discuss how legislators have “gerrymandered”– or, altered the boundaries and electoral makeup of Pennsylvania’s Congressional Districts to influence voter turnout for partisan gain – the electoral process. FDPA is a coalition of citizens and organizations who believe that in an American democracy, elections should represent the will of all the people, not just the politicians, and should provide citizens with meaningful choices in electing representatives.

In February 2018 the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered the Congressional map to be redrawn in response to a lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters. In its 139-page opinion, the Court affirmed that Republican-drawn districts “clearly, plainly, and palpably” violated the state’s Constitution. Moreover, the opinion stated that the Republicans’ plan was “aimed at achieving unfair partisan gain” and “undermining voters’ ability to exercise their right to vote in free and ‘equal’ elections.”

As a result, beginning in January 2019, in southwestern Pennsylvania:

  • The 14th District formerly comprised of the City of Pittsburgh and immediate suburbs will now be comprised of Greene, Fayette, Washington & parts of Westmoreland counties. The eastward section of Westmoreland County will shift into the 9th District. There is no incumbent in the 14th District, which covers most of the boundaries formerly in the “old” 18th District, but four Democrats (Bibi Boerio, Tom Prigg, Adam Sedlock and Dr. Bob Solomon) and two Republicans (Guy Reschenthaler and our old friend Rick Saccone) have thrown their respective hats in the ring. This district is heavily rural and conservative.
  • Most of the “old” 14th District will be transformed into the “new” 18th District – but, will also now include some southern Allegheny County suburbs including Upper St. Clair. The incumbent for our new district is Mike Doyle (D), who is running unopposed until the General Election where he will face Janis Brooks (R). This is a safe D District.
  • Mt. Lebanon and other (southern) suburbs will now be shuttled into the “new” 17th District. The incumbent there is Keith Rothfus (R) and Democrats Conor Lamb and Ray Linsenmayer will be facing off in the primary on May 15. This is a highly competitive District.

To make matters even more interesting, Pennsylvania is expected to lose a Congressional seat (down from the current 18) in the wake of the 2020 Census – and, chances are good, due to population decline and attendant variables, that SW PA will again be in the eye of the electoral storm. So, the map for Congressional Districts will, once more, need to be redrawn in time for the 2021/22 election cycles. Will Upper St. Clair voters be moved into yet another District via the reapportionment process? Get your popcorn heated and stay tuned.

Mr. Misra, with master’s degrees in Public Policy and Political Management from American University, Washington, D.C., is a professor in the Department of Social Sciences & Education at the Community College of Allegheny County and lives in the18th District. His seminars focus on voter behavior with respect to redistricting in PA. He is also the founder of Development Worx LLC, a consulting firm serving the education, government and non-profit sectors.

New Pennsylvania Congressional District Map

New 18th Congressional District


The Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee has established eight subcommittees that carry out the functions and priorities of the Committee.

Inter-Community Outreach/Partnerships

The purpose of this subcommittee is to develop partnerships with other Democratic committees, especially those in the South Hills, and other groups who share Democratic beliefs.


  • Geralyn Austin
  • Deb Allen


Manages the Committees messaging and communications, including social media, website, newsletter, and community education. The goal of the subcommittee to amplify the messages of candidates, inform the community of events and volunteer opportunities, and bring attention to the important issues.


  • Steven Logan
  • Jodi McClelland



  • John Laukaitis
  • Peg Babnik
  • Jason Fincke
  • Ed and Donna Kavo
  • Francis Campbell


  • Mission: To place a qualified democrat candidate on the ballot for every Upper St. Clair elected office.
  • Goal: To recruit USC Democrats to run for USC Township Commissioner, USC School Board and to fill current USC Democrat County Committee vacancies.


  • Steve Nance





  • Peter Schnorr
  • Shirley McClory
  • George Bockosh

Data Mining

To identify and/or create data sources to provide each member of the Committee with an analysis of their district’s voter registration information and prior election results so that they can develop strategies to maximize voter turnout in support of Democratic candidates.


  • Bernie Fincke
  • Steve Nance
  • George Bockosh



  • Maria Miller