USC Democratic Committee Meeting Minutes

Zoom Meeting – April 28, 2020

Mary McIntyre welcomed Zoom participants to the on-line meeting at 7:03pm.

Mary asked for approval of the minutes.  Fran Campbell moved to approve, Maria Miller seconded.  Minutes were approved.

Peg Babnik read the treasurers report.  The Committee had a balance of $3,807.44, with two outstanding checks, which leaves a balance of $3,587.00 in the account.

Committee Reports


Mary said that because of social distancing, there will be no fundraiser.  Peg Babnick said that perhaps in the fall we can have an activity.  Mary said that the USC Democratic Committee high school scholarship is not going to happen this year.


Mary gave an update on the Department of Elections online meeting which ran one hour, fifteen minutes. Jason Fincke and Deb Allen also viewed this meeting. There were 90,000 requested mail-in forms, and 35,000 votes were processed as of last Thursday.  Rich Fitzgerald would like to limit the number of polling places to one per township.  They are currently waiting for the state to approve this request.  There are 800,000 voters in Allegheny County.  They are going to mail out applications for mail-in votes to everyone.  Bernadette Fincke reported that 13% of Democrats in Upper St. Clair applied for the main-in ballot; very few Republicans applied.

Mary also spoke about the Zoom meeting for Joe Biden’s campaign, which was also viewed by George Bockosk, Deb, Allen, and Jason Fincke.  Jason said that it was suggested that posters should be posted in windows thanking workers.  George also commented about the posters, saying that Joe Biden’s name (at the bottom of the poster) was hard to read from the street.

Erin Urban reported that she attended a Zoom meting for Southwest Pennsylvania.  They are going to have a letter writing campaign.

Mary reminded everyone that Sharon Guidi is organizing a calling campaign for her election.

There are few campaign signs because employees are not working.  Mary does have Mike Lamb signs for distribution.

Jason Fincke named individuals that sent letters to all wards/districts.  He thanked them and reported that there was terrific response.

Mary said that she receives calls to the Allegheny County Democrat Committee phones.  She then sends out requested information.

Data Mining

Bernadette Fincke reported that Vote Builder is updated daily

New Business

Mary McIntyre reported that Don Williams 4-4 sent in his resignation at committeeman.  Alex Cashman will be the new committeeman for 4-4.

Katie Mazzocco phoned in and said that she is on day 49 of COVID.  She does not know if she is still contagious.  She has had fevers, headache, nausea, stomach problems, cough, lung pain, and has been in the ER three times.  Her first test was negative, but two weeks ago she tested positive.  She thanked her husband Jesse for doing “everything.”  The group asked if she needed anything, or could help in any way.

Mary would like to have Zoom meetings every two weeks on Tuesday at 7pm.

Deb Allen suggested that the Committee do some outreach within the community to show appreciation.  She suggested pizza and drinks to say thank you to workers and get some positive PR.  Bethel Park Manor Care was suggested.  Blaine Aiken said that Terry’s father is residing at that location.

The meeting ended abruptly with Zoom closing at 7:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Linda Descutner