1. Welcome

   2. Approval of April and May’s Minutes (see below)

Zoom Meeting – May 19, 2020

Mary McIntyre welcomed Zoom participants to the on-line meeting at 7:03pm.
Mary stated that approval of prior minutes will be at the next meeting.

Peg Babnik read the treasurer’s report. The Committee had a balance of $3,807.44, with two
check deductions, leaving a balance of $3,179.76.
Mary learned that three council members will be on the committee (Rich Fitzgerald, Sam
DeMarco, and Bethany Hallam) along with three people that work for the city.
Mary McIntyre spoke about the tracker system for mail-in ballots. It begins with the date the
application was received and then the date the ballot was sent. The sent-out ballot date is really
not the correct ballot date. There were also duplicate ballots printed with the same address and
name. Then the ballot is verified. The information then goes to another area to get stuffed and
then the ballot is mailed. Maria Miller said that the applications must be returned by May 26.
However Maria stated that not everyone received their ballot. If voters did not get a ballot, they
will need to fill out a provisional ballot. There were 148,000 ballots. Donna Kavo said that she
went online to request a ballot. If there are ballot questions call Rich Fitzgerald’s office 412-
350-6500. Rich’s office is also resourcing some of the ballot work because there are too many
ballots. The SURE System did go down in Allegheny County. Bring a black or blue pen to fill
out the ballot. The ballot will be placed in a locked box to be counted the next day. Erin Urban
said we should only use black ink for the ballots. Mary stated that if the voter did not enclose the
ballot in the security envelope, their ballot will not count. They will not let you fix your ballot.
There were 225,000 applications requested which is about 25%. The ballots will be stored in a
warehouse overnight with security. Mary said that Sam DeMarco R wanted to know who gets
picked to work. He wanted a list of workers. If three Democrats are working, Sam wants three
Republicans working. A motion passed for all workers to receive $200 for working the polls.
Mary also stated that there are many Democrats running for Auditor General.Data Mining
Bernadette Fincke said that 2,300 (41%) USC Democrats applied to vote by mail. 1250
Republicans applied to vote by mail.

Old Business
A motion passed to send $200 to Katie Mazzocco to help with COVID expenses. Mary
McIntyre said that when she contacted Manor Care (to donate a lunch) they said there are 15
employees and we need to handle the lunch ourselves.New Business
Ellen Simon stated that she took it upon herself to send a postcard to every graduating high
school senior reminding them to register to vote. She incurred $130 in postage. Peg Babnik
made a motion to reimburse Ellen for her postage of $130. The motion passed. Ellen stated that
she also posted our Zoom meeting dates on USC Progressive site.

Deb Allen talked about having our meetings at the USC Rec Center picnic pavilion. Deb also
questioned about how to get Biden signs. Jason Fincke said that he got his sign from Steve
Nance. Terry Aiken will contact ASCEND to get signs.
The meeting ended at 7:40pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Descutner