USC Democratic Committee Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2020

The meeting started at 6:35pm at the Upper St. Clair Recreation Center on McLaughlin Run Road.  Mary McIntyre stated there were lawn signs available for anyone that needed them.  Mary also had new members stand up and introduce themselves.
Peg Babnik submitted the treasurer’s report.  The September 10th bank statement ending balance is $3,228.60.  In our account today there is $2,760.80 which includes $492.80 in expenses (three checks) and 2nd Act Blue Donation of $25, minus a fee of $1.16.
Sharon Guidi spoke about her campaign.  She said she had a successful Scavenger Hunt fund raiser last week.  She also stated that her opponent is not a moderate.  Sharon thanked everyone for being in attendance.
Tom Duerr is Pam Iovino’s campaign manager. Pam’s opponent is not a moderate.  Tom then stated Pam’s accomplishments.  He asked for volunteers to text, phone call, write postcards and literature dropping.  Tom said that there are many volunteer opportunities.   Tom is working closely with Pam.  Tom will inform Mary about when and where to volunteer.
Tom Duerr is also on City Council.  Tom said that there will be eight satellite offices.  They will be operating on October 10, 11, 17, 18, 24 and 25.  Citizens can a request a ballot or mail in their ballot at the satellite office on those days.  If you want to vote in person, but received a ballot – take it to the polls.  Don’t open it.  If you do not bring your mailed ballot and have not voted, you may fill out a provisional ballot.  Tom said that he does not know if they are going to count the ballots early.  Tom stated that Allegheny County was the best in state for counting ballots.
Both Sharon Guidi and Tom Duerr emphasized the need to follow the ballot directions exactly as written.  They also emphasized that only you can drop your ballot in the box.
Mary passed out Biden buttons and masks.  Mary said that Upper St.  Clair is part of Char Valley, where there are 36 Chair people.  On October 13, there will be a rally starting in Moon Township continuing through Carnegie, Mt. Lebanon, Castle Shannon, Upper St. Clair (around 1:30pm), South Park, and Collier Township.   Representatives Conor Lamb, Mike Doyle, and Pam Iovino will be at each stop.  Everyone is invited to participate with car window posters.

There was further discussion about how to get the message out.  Discussion was about phone banking, texting, Instagram, Facebook, pool watching, distributing literature, and poll workers for satellite places.

The meeting ended at 7:25pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Descutner