USC Democratic Committee Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2021

The meeting started at 7:02  pm.  There were 25 participants.  Mary McIntyre started the meeting with the candidates speaking.

The group heard from: Kevin Kraus, Sabrina Korbel, Jessel Costa, Hon. Maria McLaughlin, Judge David Spurgeon, Wrenna Watson, Jen Schnore, and Jill Beck


After all candidates spoke, the meeting was directed to Upper St. Clair School Board member and candidate Jen Schnore.  Jen had been selected to fill a one-year vacancy and is now running as the only Democratic candidate in November 2021.  There are five candidates running for four openings.  Four candidates are running on one slate:  Jen Schnore (Democrat), Dr. Daphna Gans (Republican), Mike Mascaro (Republican), and CMU Professor Danielle Wetsel (Republican).  The fifth candidate Bill Web, (Republican), is an advocate for teaching five days a week with no masks, and he also believes the school district is indoctrinating the children with a leftist agenda.   The current school board is supporting the slate of four candidates.  Jen Schnore asked for a committee to help her win.  Deb Allen suggested that Jen include a write-up in the USC Democratic newsletter.  Jen asked if it was possible for her slate, three Republicans, to speak at one of our meetings. Mary McIntyre asked if it would be okay for Republican candidates to speak at our meeting; type yes or no in the chat box.  All zoom participants agreed.  Linda Descutner said that this question was resolved on October 22, 2019.  She read from the October 2019 minutes:

“Move to vote motion by Jodi McClelland, seconded by Shirley McClory.  The ballot reads as follows:     … Democratic candidates may speak during the meeting. Unendorsed candidates, Republican candidates, or Independent candidates may speak either before or after our meeting as decide by the Board.”

Mary McIntyre stated that our goal is to get Jen elected to the school board.  Jason Fincke asked Jen to share some information about herself.  Jen said that she was a litigation attorney, then a stay-at-home mom.  She has two children, sixth grade and eighth grade.  She is active in school organizations, and had organized the SHIM food drive.  She now does part-time law at home.  Bernadette and Jason Fincke said that Jen needs to share that information in the newsletter.

Mary McIntyre is organizing a committee for Jen Schnore and the committee will meet soon.  Mary asked Peg Babnik how much money was in the treasury.  Peg stated that there was $2,500 available.  Mary said that we will help Jen with money costs.

Deb Allen wanted to know how many teachers/staff received the COVID vaccine.  Jen said that about 89% received the vaccine.  Everyone that wanted the vaccine received it.  There were some that did not want the vaccine for different reasons including health reasons.  Deb Allen also asked how much money was coming to Upper St. Clair from the recently passed Federal bill.  Jen said that she did not know, but did not expect much because Upper St. Clair is an affluent school district.

The meeting ended at 8:11 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Descutner