USC Democratic Committee Meeting Minutes

Zoom Meeting – August 18, 2020

The zoom meeting started at 7:01pm.  There were 22 participants.  There was discussion about the Democratic convention speeches.  The next meeting will be next Tuesday, August 25, 2020 outside of the rec center on McLaughlin Run Road.


Mary ordered 200 Biden/Harris yard signs, which were paid for by our committee.  Tom Duerr will be getting additional signs for Upper St. Clair.  Jason Fincke stated that Linda Serene, former Upper St. Clair school board member, asked for six signs.  Alex Franco, Sharon Guidi’s campaign manager, will have yard signs for Sharon.  Mary stated that one Democratic chair has a Trump sign in their yard.

Tom Duerr is running Pam Iovino’s campaign. He said that Pam lost her last election in Upper St. Clair by two points.  She should win this time with a solid margin.  They are having Text Thursday nights for Pam and phone banking on Wednesday and Saturday.   Fran Campbell suggested sending postcards.  Pam also has two new field organizers, Ali Chaudhry and Grace DuBoise.  Ali reported that an application to vote by mail will be sent to everyone with a postage paid reply envelope. Ali also asked for help delivering signs to Upper St. Clair and surrounding areas.  Ali and Grace report to Tom. 

Deb Allen and Mary McIntyre spoke about Sharon Guidi’s fundraiser on September 13.  She is having a safe scavenger hunt which will start and end at the Lion’s Club.  Deb asked for one additional clue handler in Upper St. Clair for the scavenger hunt.  Deb also said that they are sending postcards for Sharon, have put out a lot of signs this past weekend, and doing everything virtually.

Election.  Jason Fincke said we need to send all independents a letter about our concerns regarding Trump as president and why they should vote Democratic.  Jason wrote the letter.  Bernadette Fincke will have a list of independents by Ward/District next Tuesday.  Mary McIntyre stated that the Democrats need the independents’votes in this election.  There was concern that enough poll workers would be available. Fran Campbell and Linda Descutner will be working at the polls. Participants agreed that there isn’t a need for poll watchers.   Alicia Hawkins said that 17-year olds can work the polls.  Alicia’s father has worked with teenagers at the polls.  Peter Schnore also has volunteered to work the polls.  Mary McIntyre suggested that calling Shirley McClory is another option.   September 15 is the date the state will be mailing out ballots for those who applied for mail-in voting. 

Alex Franco cautioned that handling someone else’s ballot is a crime.  Everyone must mail their ballot in person, or take it in person.  Alex said that for this election, Pennsylvania has the most resources he has ever seen.  Alex also said that the Democratic Party has already started hiring attorneys and volunteer attorneys.  Kristin Fiori, an attorney, volunteered.

New Business

Tom Duerr gave a county council update saying the council passed legislation in reference to the Pittsburgh police and also approved paid sick leave.  Peter Schnore questioned the approved paid sick leave.  Tom answered that the sick leave is the same as the city of Pittsburgh, three paid sick days accrued over a period of time.  The city sick leave was already challenged and upheld in court.

Peter’s wife, Jen Schnore was appointed to the School Board; she is the only Democrat on the Board.  Jen said that school will be delayed until the first Thursday in September.  There will be an on-line start.  After that, there will be a choice of hybrid or fully remote.  All students in one family will have the same schedule.  Wednesday will be a cleaning day.  Desks will be six feet apart.  There will be barrier Plexiglas and masks will be worn at all times except for eating and ten minute breaks.  They will be following Governor Wolf’s plan.  Jen said that the teachers’ union is mostly in support of what the school is doing.  Elise Schuerle stated the superintendent said that Upper St. Clair is following the hybrid plan because of Governor Wolf’s mandate.  If residents are not happy, they should let the governor know they are not happy. 

Jen also stated that Mt. Lebanon will be starting school online for the first nine weeks

The meeting ended at 8:21pm.

Respectfully submitted,         


Linda Descutner