September 29, 2021

Chair Mary McIntyre began the meeting at 7:00 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer Peg Babnik reported the committee’s bank account balance of $6,651.00. Vice Chair Jason Fincke noted that this is the most money the committee has ever had in the bank.

Picnic Summary – Mary McIntyre

Mary thanked everyone for their involvement and contributions for the Committee’s picnic held at South Park on Sunday, September 12th. She noted the event was quite a success with approximately 125-150 attendees, including many judicial candidates for the November 2nd election, as well as our Democratic candidate for School Board: Jen Schnore. The exact amount of funds raised will be reported at the next committee meeting, but it is believed to be in the $3,800 – $4,000 range.

A discussion followed as to where to hold future fundraisers. The prevailing opinion was that since the Alpine Club did such a great job with the food that the establishment would be the best choice for future fundraisers, either at the restaurant or by using its catering services. Mary noted that the establishment is a Democratic-friendly venue as many other Democratic fundraisers are held there. 

There was a discussion regarding the township’s policy of not permitting the rentals of its facilities for fundraising events. It was suggested that the committee investigate how to get the policy modified.

Candidate Tom Caulfield

Magistrate District Judge Tom Caulfield, who has been chosen as the 10th Democratic candidate for Allegheny County Common Pleas Court, spoke to the committee. He discussed his background and his “highly recommended” ranking by the Allegheny County Bar Association. The 10th judgeship became available when Judge Guido Angelis recently announced that he would not run for a retention vote.

School Board Meeting – Mask Mandate and Redistricting – Deb Allen

Deb Allen summarized the USC School Board meeting that was held on September 28th. She noted that 16 people were in the audience: two attendees chose to present comments to the Board. They thanked the Board for upholding the current mask mandate in schools and for their concern for the safety of the district’s students.

School Board members outlined the many penalties that the district would face if the mask mandate issued by Gov. Wolf was not followed.

She pointed out that security was present at the meeting and restricted anyone not wearing a mask from attending the meeting. 

Deb Allen also noted the need for the committee to closely watch the progress of proposed bills coming from the state’s Republican legislators that would undermine Gov. Wolf’s school mask mandate, such as SB846. She suggested that we contact Senator Devlin Robinson to express our opposition.

She also encouraged everyone to research and get involved in the redistricting process currently being undertaken in Pennsylvania by visiting or calling his office at 215-242-8171 to learn more about redistricting educational workshops Senator Haywood’s office will be sponsoring.

Committee Next Outreach Project – Mary McIntyre and Bernadette Fincke

Mary and Bernadette spoke about the committee’s next outreach project which involves sending letters to the townships’s non super voters, explaining the importance of November’s election and listing the endorsed candidates. Packets including voter lists and envelopes were distributed to volunteers. Postage stamps, which will be paid by the committee, were not available at the meeting. It was decided that stamps will be distributed on Sunday, October 3 from 12 – 2 pm at the township’s Old Rec Center parking lot. Additional packets will also be available as more volunteers are needed. Mary will send out an email notification.

The meeting ended at 8 pm.