USC Democratic Committee Meeting Minutes

Old Recreation Center

August 25, 2020

The meeting started at 7:00pm at the Upper St. Clair Recreation Center on McLaughlin Run Road.  There were many new faces, so Mary McIntyre had everyone introduce themselves.

Mary stated that there are five wards and 18 districts in Upper St. Clair.  She also said that the county is sent out applications for mail-in ballots to citizens today.  Mary reviewed the proper procedures for mail-in voting, specifically that you cannot put someone else’s ballot in the mail or ballot drop-off box.  Everyone must handle their own ballot.  There was discussion about the lack of ballot boxes and Mary said that the legislature has to decide if there can be more drop-off boxes.  The actual ballots will be mailed to recipients on September 15, 2020.  Ballots  can be tracked on the Allegheny County website.  All polling locations will be open.  Jason Fincke noted that if a school is closed due to coronavirus outbreak, the polling place may also be closed.  Also, ballots may be counted early.

It was suggested that we could drive organize a caravan of  residents into Pittsburgh to drop their ballot in the ballot drop-off box.

Peg Babnik submitted the treasurer’s report.  The balance remained $3,179.76 through June, July and August.  Outstanding checks are: $100, $300 (signs), $92.80 (postage), $100 Biden (Don W.) with a balance of $2,586.96


Mary McIntyre said that our Biden/Harris signs were ordered through CharValley.  Delivery will be this Saturday, August 29, 2020.  Sharon Guidi will also have signs delivered this Saturday.   Mary and Deb Allen spoke about Sharon’s fund raiser which is a treasure hunt.  Cost is $100/ per one person in a car or $200/car.  Also, if anyone wants to attend the after treasure hunt get together, the cost is $25.

Jason Fincke drafted a letter which will be sent to all independents.  He stated that there are about 2,000 independents in Upper St. Clair.  He asked for help sending this letter out as soon as possible. If anyone needs money for stamps, please see Mary.  New member Charlotte from Friendship Village said that she had five or six residents ready to help send out the Democratic letter to independent-registered voters.  Jason’s letter will be available for mailing on Sunday; Mary McIntyre will send an email to everyone regarding time.  There was a discussion about voting.  Charlotte stated that she moved from Virginia and wants additional drop boxes in Allegheny County, and extended hours for residents to vote.  She is thinking about a petition for drop boxes and asked if there are rules for drop boxes.  Jason suggested if ballots are mailed early October, then no one will have to worry about drop boxes.  New member Paulette stated that she has a 10 x 4 Biden/Harris sign in her yard.  A new member volunteered to temporarily replace Katie Mazzocco as a Facebook administrator.

Sharon Guidi’s campaign manager Alex Franco suggested that we tie Natalie Mihalek to Donald Trump.  Natalie (Republican) is running against Sharon.  It was mentioned that in North Strabane there are weekly Republican rallies along Route 19.   Alex said to take videos of the rally.  It was also strongly mentioned that we need more visuals and should put an American flag next to Biden signs.

New Business

Mary McIntyre will organize an afternoon Zoom meeting at 2:00pm.  She will send an email with specifics.

The meeting ended at 8:05pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Linda Descutner